(Founder of Psychosynthesis) invited us into a world that asks of us
that we become, with each passing moment, more and more of who we truly
are.” *

  • Transpersonal psychology that integrates the whole of being within the surrondings
  • Works in aspects of personality (traids, patterns, wounds, behaviour) and soul level (meaning, values, purpose, calling)
  • Initiates forward movement that is ignited from the source, the call within the self/Self
  • Fires the journey that uniquelly and authentically own with a stand point of being a chooser and responsible for own actions


* Foreword lines by Dorothty (Didi) Firman in a book; The Act of Will by Roberto Assagioli, p. IV.

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Contact us to join to a Psychosynthesis online group to see if the process would be good fit for you.
Group sessions are about guided meditations and tools of reflections for the Psychosynthesis journey.

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